The Power Of Intention And Observation

If you can choose your ideal life, how would it be? Would you be loving, happy, easy going, work from home, travel, have loving children, be smaller, etc?    

What if I can tell you, that most of those things are reachable and very possible for you.

Many people live lives without much planning, much sense of direction, repeating day after day the same routines, thinking the same thoughts, leading boring lives.  Many of us ignore or forget that life offers endless possibilities for us to explore and keep us engaged and interested.  

It is interesting to see that many of us have big dreams.  We dream about love, good days, expensive stuff and a ideal life.  We often think these things are unreachable and it will only come to us if we get a lucky break.  The truth is that our dreams are doors waiting to be opened to create the reality we desire.  Our imagination is the plan or dream maker. Once the idea is in our minds, it plays in our head.

These ideas invite us to expand, dream and plan the details. The way we open this door is by questioning ourselves about the dream.  Do we want it? Is it right for us? What can we do to make this dream a reality?  We then take actions and observe the results.

Intention and Observation is a crucial aspect of life.   We all should take time at the end of our day, to remember and think about everything that happened to us and ask ourselves if we would have done something different.  We can also analyze our reactions to the events in our day and see what made us happy, sad, frustrated, etc.  Watching ourselves can also reveal if our paths are right for us.  With more knowledge, we can take steps to change things that are not to our liking and bring positive changes to our lives by determining our intentions.  An Intention is a strong determination to do something to better our lives. It is a step toward a plan, a piece of a puzzle.

There was a time in my life when after evaluating my morning routine, I noticed tension, uncertainty, and discomfort whenever I dropped off my kids at school and went to work.  I took a close look at what I was doing and saw that I was rushing, pushing and yelling at my kids to make it on time to school and work. I love my kids and care that they have a good day and noticed that my actions were not conveying that to them.

 After that significant finding, I restructured our morning allowing more time for us to get ready. I also changed my attitude toward them. I aligned my intention with my actions, and the result brought us all so much peace.  Now, our morning routine is good and so different.  I still push( not going to lie, kids can take forever to get dressed) but I make sure I am gentle, and we are all much happier.

When setting our intentions, we tend to focus on the physical aspect of life.  We often set actual intentions like lose weight, getting a new job or buying something expensive and neglect our inner life which includes feelings and emotions which rule our behavior.  Remember to set intentions that attempt to make us better human beings because our behavior is who we are.  An intention like being more loving can have a significant impact since love always changes things for the better.  Other powerful intentions that can improve our inner beings are being more patient, friendlier and controlling our anger. These changes often result in a bigger and more rewardable life.   

Observation and intention if practiced with discipline, will enhance your life and bring much happiness and success.  To develop control, start small. Write down your intentions and goals in a index card.  Spend ten minutes before going to sleep going over your day and life choices.  Read your index card and think about your intentions and goals. Make plans and expand on your ideas to make your goals happen.  In the morning right after you wake up, review your goals and intentions. Build a goal board where you put a picture or symbol of all the things that you desire to achieve.  Make it part of your morning and evening routine to review the board and remind yourself of your goals. When done with a goal, place a sticker over it or write ” done”.  Seeing your achieved goals will keep you motivated to go for more.

If at any time you lose track of your practice, don’t be discouraged. Just start over.  New habits are the result of effort, discipline, and persistence.  Don’t give up. You are on your way to an exciting lifestyle that will bring you new knowledge of yourself, courage to follow your dreams and the power to accomplish them.    

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