My name is Maria Ramos, I am a wife, mother and a heartfelt believer in love and hope.  I live life together with my family, relentlessly pursuing goodness and happiness. I find that I achieved this when I trust God and drench my life experiences in love, patience, and good expectations.

When my husband got sick with cancer, I became ill with sadness, fear, desperation and other unpleasant things. The love and sense of responsibility for my family sustained me, but, it was not enough. I was trapped in a mindset that screamed defeat and tortured by thoughts of darkness. I ran to God and held fast to the belief that He was going to help me. Through many ups and down, I walked reminding myself that I was loved, cared for and that I had helped even when it did not feel like it.

Slowly and at first unnoticeably to me, a transformation that changed my life began within me. Peace, hope & joy established itself and became my way of life. I like to call it “my way of hope.” This way of life is based on the awareness of God’s goodness and in finding and holding close to me what matters most in life.

This blog is my way of helping people live better lives, uplift them and give them hope. I enjoy encouraging my family and friends and supporting them to see their situation objectively. My life’s experiences, dedication to my family together with my love of writing and research provide a strong foundation that offers perspective and ideas that can improve any given situation. My voice points to the unseen goodness and objectivity that so many times gets overlooked.

I hold a BA from Queens College. In my free time, I love to meditate, read and watch movies. I live in New York City with my husband Kevin, and our three children; Brady, Isabella & Landon.