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Faith in God, how to acquire faith and why you should do it.

Faith begins when we open ourselves to the unknown and choose to believe and explore a relationship with God. To have faith in God is to trust in him. However, a requirement for trust is to know a person well. How can we get to know God, have faith and trust in him, when we […]

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What Is a Midlife Crisis and How to Deal With It

  The other day I was contemplating how disorganized my life was. I had no time or energy to do anything. My plans and ideas were somewhere stuck on my head.  Life was undoubtedly happening without much input or direction from me. Dissatisfied about practically everything, I wanted things to be different.  I heartily wish […]

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The Power Of Intention And Observation

If you can choose your ideal life, how would it be? Would you be loving, happy, easy going, work from home, travel, have loving children, be smaller, etc?     What if I can tell you, that most of those things are reachable and very possible for you. Many people live lives without much planning, much […]

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